Mistress J

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Services Provided

Mistress J's online relationships and training are ideal for those with a burning desire to be owned/submissive but, through inexperience, fear, or other constraints, are not ready or able to accept their role in a physical 'real life' dom/sub relationship. All relationships, tasks and training with Mistress J are conducted either online (emails, messenger, webcam) or by phone (speech and text). Mistress J does not meet her slaves. However, make no mistake, although online, successful applicants experience a true and very special relationship with Mistress J.

Mistress J provides a comprehensive online service to her slaves and listed below is a sample of those services. Please note that the list isn't exhaustive. If you have a need to try something else, just request it. I am very open minded, I'm not easily shocked and I'm happy to indulge my slaves in most pleasures (not paedophilia or bestiality). If I don't think your request is appropriate, I'll tell you but If you don't ask, you could be missing out in fulfilling your wildest fantasy.

Email Training

Email training is for those just starting to explore their submissive side and wishing to be subservient to another (perhaps a partner). Via email, I will provide you with training and tasks to prepare you for your submissive life.

Foot Worship

Do you need to give adulation to the feet of another person? Do you get turned on at the site of a bare foot? Perhaps a stocking-clad foot in a high-heeled shoe excites you? This service is for those of you who are into foot worship. You can either worship my feet via webcam or, if you prefer, you can receive pictures of my feet (JPEGs sent to your email address). For those preferring pictures, you can either accept pictures from my collection, or you can describe the pictures you want and I will have the pictures taken especially for you.

Panty Worship

Panty Worship is a popular, and ever-growing, fetish and one that I enjoy very much. To allow you to share in my enjoyment, I will allow you to request a pair of my used panties and you can then revel in the sight, touch, smell and taste of lingerie that has caressed your Mistress.

Role Play

There are lots of role play scenarios including a dominant female and a submissive male. Perhaps you would like to be a snivelling employee having to answer to his boss. Or maybe you are more like a frightened criminal being interviewed by a female police officer. The possibilities are endless. Perhaps you have your own domination fantasy that you want to play out.


Whether you want to be humiliated on camera, by phone, or via nasty emails, Mistress J knows just how to degrade her slaves.


If you feel a need to dress up in pink girlie clothes and have your hair in pigtails, this is the service for you.

Enforced Feminisation

This service is for the brave amongst you who have the courage to follow your dreams. This takes you well past sissification. You will be forced to dress completely like a woman and will have to act like a woman. And yes, that includes sorting out your monthly cycle!

Puppy Training

For those wishing to show complete devotion. You will be treated like a little puppy dog and taught how to sit, beg and maybe even how to do some tricks. During our relationship you will act like a dog, eat like a dog and live like a dog. You will be my very own pet.

Financial Domination

For those of you into financial domination, I am of course happy to oblige. I offer 4 levels of financial domination. The 1st level is where you provide me with gifts and single payments of tribute. The 2nd level is where you provide me with a percentage of your wages as tribute. The 3rd, and most severe level, is financial abuse where you provide tribute to me no matter what the financial cost or hardship met by you. Additionally, for those wishing to be under total control, I may agree to taking full control of your finances and then allocating spending money to you as I see fit. Anyone wishing to avail themselves of the financial domination services will be required to sign a contract prior to any activity actually taking place.

Consensual Blackmail

Consensual Blackmail is, perhaps, the ultimate service offered. Successful applicants for this service live their life on a knife edge. If you don't meet my demands, your status as a slave will be made known to friends and colleagues. Please note that this service is contractual and consensual (i.e. your status is only revealed in accordance with the contract written and agreed between us).